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Dropshipping/Directshipping/Daraz and Import Procedure Course in Sinhala

10 weeks
All levels
13 lessons
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Are you ready to become an owner of a profitable online business?

What is dropshipping?

Running an eCommerce business is not the same thing as dropshipping. Without maintaining any inventory, you can operate an eCommerce website in Sri Lanka utilizing dropshipping. Or, to put it another way, you won’t need much cash to get your Sri Lankan web business off the ground.

Topics covered in the area of  Dropshipping and Direct shipping
  • Ebay Dropshipping & Directshipping Introduction
  • Ebay Account Creation
  • Ebay Feedback, Item Buy, bid and policies
  • Ebay Fees calculator
  • Ebay Direct shipping full knowledge
  • Payoneer Account creation
  • Ebay selling school programme
  • AliExpress account creation
  • Dropshipping full knowledge+ how to use extensions
  • Link Payoneer to ebay
  • Basic Product research + Facebook
  • Direct shipping item listing
  • Tracking upload
  • Pinterest Promote + Create
  • Selling limit + Traffic + Sales
  • Ebay restricted and suspended Account recovery
  • Advanced Product research + SEO
  • Other Knowledge+ Discussion
  • Other Sales Knowledge
Advance product research method and SEO used in Dropshipping
  1. How to use Aliexpress to identify USA consumers’ interest in items
  2. How to use competition research to identify the top-selling and most popular products.
  3. How to use Pinterest to find a unique product
  4. How to use the “Google Trend” platform to find the top selling ideas and trends
  5. How to locate providers of unique goods by utilizing other online marketplaces
Highlights of free course on import business ( Import procedure from Alibaba and Local selling guide via Daraz)
Import Procedure from Alibaba
  • Alibaba vs AliExpress
  • Why it is important to choose correct suppliers- filter trade assurance and verified suppliers
  • Alert- Do not rush to take decisions based on MOQ and price
  • Identify Suppliers ( Gold/Verified and Trade Assurance)
  • Identify middlemen and do not forget to call quotations from many suppliers before making purchasing decision.(Manufacturers vs Traders)
  • Alibaba Account creation
  • How to chat with suppliers
  • Know Incoterms
  • How to arrange delivery to Sri Lanka through Freight Forwarder with example chat.
Local selling guide via Daraz
  • Daraz Mall/Local/Global/Digital seller
  • Seller Sign-up procedure- To do list
  • Manage Address book
  • Manage ID information
  • Bank detail submit
  • Order Packing ordering
  • Product Listing
  • Why Daraz product title important to generate search results
  • Dos and Dont’s in deciding product title
  • How to prepare Daraz store banner (1200 X 128px)
  • Using canava site to update store banner
  • Daraz commission structure
  • Daraz order accept,Packaging,Paste barcode and order delivery
  • Drop -off vs Pickup (LK dex pickup/GPD procedure)
  • Live Daraz chat ( Monday to Saturday) 9.00am to 6.00pm
  • How to apply for Daraz promotion (Campaign/free shipping/seller picks/voucher creation/bundles)
  • Daraz Instant managing feature and appoint junior chat agent
  • Daraz Finance and Accounting

Additional Sessions newly added

  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube and Facebook SEO
  • E Mail Marketing
  • Sales Process
  • Google SEO –coming soon
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